How often should you eat red meat? This is a question that is being posed more often and with greater concern as more studies are carried out into it advantageous and detrimental effects. Red meat is becoming a controversial topic in the globe of food and produce, with some saying it is perfectly safe and that it should be embraced in a normal diet and others declaring it to be a quick way to an accelerated death ; so where is the center ground, and does it even exist?

With so many new and conflicting trials being carried out on both sides of the argument, it is not surprising that people can be confused as to whether or not they should eat red meat, and if so how much. This is nothing new, there appears to be a running trend of finding the positives and negatives of food stuffs in order to either inform or scare consumers. Chocolate for example, is so often seen an pointless, unnatural product that makes children obese, rots their teeth and prospects to diabetes, but now it is being heralded as a miracle worker that can cure depression and prevent cancer. following the latest study from Harvard, it is now the turn of red meat to debated, and this suggests meat-lovers are left confused as to the correct action to take.

While there are some links to cancer and heart disease from eating red meat; probably not as much as the Harvard study would have you believe ; there are also positive aspects to red meat that cannot be so easily found in other varieties of protein such as poultry and fish. This suggests while excessive consumption can be dangerous, particularly with processed meats, there is no need to eliminate it from your diet all with each other.

Is eating red meat bad for you?

When answering the question of how often should you eat red meat, researchers and wellness organization have come to the following conclusions. A study by the Pennsylvania State college suggested that not only was it perfectly safe to eat red meat, providing it was lean and limited to just 4oz per day, it could probably reduce bad LDL cholesterol ; but again the sincerity of these claims should not be taken evenly, especially as the research was funded by people looking to encourage its consumption. wellness officials, such as the NHS, agree that no more that 70grams per day or two to three servings a week should be adequate enough for providing the correct nutrients with out eating too much.

The key is moderation and a balanced diet. Those who have been Keeping away from red meat because of the possible risks will find it is perfectly safe to involve a little in their diet, but those consuming this produce on a regular basis that exceeds the guidelines stated above should consider cutting down their intake and adding other varieties of protein into their weekly diet. The answer to how often should you eat red meat is surprisingly simple, contemplating the conflicting sights, and providing meat-eaters adhere to this rules and balanced diets there should be little to fear about.