Embryonic stem cell research has gained a huge momentum these days because of its? potential to cure deadly diseases like Alzheimer?s, Parkinson, type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, stroke, bone diseases, multiple sclerosis, cancer and much more! However many people argue that the embryonic stem cell research is not ethical and therefore, should be stopped. Even though this debate continues to grow, we simply cannot undermine the immense potential which this research holds!

Let me tell, you something about Embryonic stem cells. Basically, embryonic stem cells are stem cells that have been derived from the inner cell mass of an early stage embryo, also known as blastocyst, which forms after 4-5 days post fertilization. These cells are considered special because they have the ability to differentiate into organized tissue, organs or cells of the body. This means that the embryonic stem cells have the capability to give rise to different organs or tissues of an organism such as liver, brain, kidney etc.

Since these cells are plutripotent, so they can be used to replace or treat a malfunctioning or dying organism. Apart from treating deadly diseases, embryonic stem cells are also being used for understanding the process of aging and helping the scientists to find out about the enzymes involved in the process of aging. By blocking these enzymes, we can certainly slower the phenomenon of aging.
The stem cells and umbilical cord cells have also been used for treating leukemia and lymphoma patients. So, you can see that stem cells have a lot of potential in making the world free of diseases!

However, the opponents do not favor this research on ethical grounds. It is because the embryonic stem cells are taken or derived from early stage embryos- which is regarded as the death of life! The pro-life and religious groups say that an embryo represents human life and if the embryonic stem cells are taken out, then it is equivalent to murdering a human life. The religious groups also point out that many fetuses and embryos are being aborted because of this on-going research. Currently, there are several sources of embryos, including unwanted embryos and fertility clinics- which have hundreds of frozen embryos. It has been said that it is against the ethical laws to kill any innocent human being intentionally- even if it benefits the entire human community!

Well, these are some of the points in favor of and against the stem cell research Stem cell research is really beneficial and it is important that we focus on the benefits rather than considering the negatives!